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July 06, 2016

This week, the Georgia Court of Appeals published two opinions affirming the dismissals of personal injury cases for failure to comply with the requirements of the Georgia Tort Claims Act.  In both cases, Judge Christopher McFadden authored the opinions in which Judges Miller and McMillian concurred.

In Silva v. Georgia Dep't of Transp., No. A16A0072, 2016 WL 2862652, (Ga. Ct. App. May 17, 2016), the Court of Appeals affirmed the dismissal of Janette A. Silva's suit against the... Read More

June 22, 2016

If you have witnessed fraudulent activity that involved your company or corporation defrauding the government, you may want to choose to be a whistleblower and reveal this fraud to an attorney and the government. Whistleblowers are protected under the Federal Claims Act and can receive a percentage of a cash award or settlement should the case go agains the fraudulent company. Please view this infographic for more information:

If you decide to come forward with fraudulent... Read More

June 07, 2016

404-662-3552 for a free consultation at the Atlanta office of Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance" src="/sites/" style="width: 300px; height: 300px; margin-left: 3px; margin-right: 3px; float: right;" />Snapchat – the popular social media platform known for its near-instant deletion of messages – has added a new feature that has already resulted in serious injury. The speed filter feature allows Snapchat users to clock their vehicles speed at the time a... Read More

May 25, 2016

Despite rising gas prices, AAA predicts more than 38 million people will take to the road this Memorial Day Weekend, marking the highest number of travelers in over a decade. If you will be among those traveling 50+ miles from home this weekend, please exercise caution and allow additional time to get to your destination. Taking time will help guard against your causing an accident and can even provide you with additional reaction time to help protect you from being involved in an accident... Read More

May 19, 2016

If your child has suffered a birth injury, it is very possible that the injury was due to medical malpractice. Take this quiz to determine if our attorneys can help you seek compensation for your child:


If you believe that your child suffered because of medical malpractice, please contact Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance, PC today. We are proud to serve clients in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. 

May 18, 2016

Nearly 40 million vehicles have been added to the existing Takata airbag recall and residents in Atlanta and surrounding areas should take particular notice. The ammonium nitrate deployment propellant in these airbags is prone to degrade in humid climates where temperatures vary. Once degraded, the force at which the airbags deploy can be intensified, allowing shrapnel to be scattered throughout the cab of the vehicle. This same problem was identified in airbags previously included in the... Read More

May 16, 2016

In the short video below, Matthew – a client of ours – discusses the injury that brought him to our Atlanta law firm and his experience with our attorneys.

If you are in need of a personal injury attorney in Atlanta or surrounding areas of Georgia, please contact Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance online or by calling us a 404-662-3552 to schedule a free case evaluation today.

May 12, 2016

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month – offering a great opportunity to recommit to taking steps that help protect you and your passengers from injury. As a quick review, let’s take a look at some of Georgia’s motorcycle laws that are designed to help prevent your causing an accident and to protect your safety in the case that prevention is not possible.

Helmet use is mandatory in Georgia for all riders Goggles or other eye protection is required for drivers unless the bike has a... Read More
May 06, 2016

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of brain injury in Georgia. If you or a loved one have sustained a brain injury in a car accident, the personal injury attorneys at Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance can help.

To schedule your free consultation at our Atlanta office, please contact us online or by calling (888) 705-3615 today. If your injury makes travel difficult, one of our Georgia car accident attorneys can come to you to discuss your rights, your options, and the best... Read More

April 28, 2016

In this video, attorney Joseph Watkins explains what you have to prove in order to successfully pursue a medical malpractice claim:


If you're looking for an experienced medical malpractice lawyer in the Atlanta, Georgia area, please call Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance, PC today at 404-662-3552 for a free consultation.