Arbitration Agreements

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Did You Sign an Arbitration Agreement That Now Affects Your Potential Lawsuit?

If you have arrived at this Web page before signing a contract that may bind you into resolving any dispute by way of binding arbitration, we encourage you to talk to a lawyer before you sign. You should not waive your right to a jury trial without consulting an attorney first. Perhaps you are preparing to admit your mother, father or spouse to a nursing home. It is a stressful and emotional time for your family. Beware of the nursing home administrator who does not fully inform you of the arbitration agreement that is hiding in the contract.

If you sign such an arbitration agreement in connection with a nursing home admission or a construction contract, you may sign away your right to sue in the event of breach of contract, nursing home negligence or abuse or other wrongdoing on the part of the other signer of the contract.

Perhaps you have learned that you did sign an arbitration agreement — and wonder what this will mean to your case. As plaintiffs' attorneys, our natural venue for the pursuit of justice for our clients is in the settlement negotiation room or the courtroom. However, we are prepared to advise you through the arbitration process as well, if it is already a given in your case.

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