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A bicyclist is at an obvious disadvantage when they are struck by a car or truck. The bicyclist lacks the protection of a car or truck body, not to mention a lack of a seat belt or air bags. Someone on a bicycle that crashes with an automobile is nearly always thrown from the bicycle — perhaps onto the hard pavement of the street, sidewalk or parking lot, and perhaps after being thrown a sizeable distance.

The bicyclist, therefore, is likely to suffer serious injuries even when wearing a helmet:

To add insult to injury, bicycle accidents are often hit-and-run accidents. Determining the source of compensation after a bicycle accident can be a puzzle appropriate for a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney.

At the law offices of Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance, PC, we look at all relevant facts as we pursue compensation on behalf of our clients injured in bicycle accidents in Atlanta, Georgia, or elsewhere:

  • Was the driver of the car or truck a drunk driver — and if so, who served him or her alcohol in the hours before the crash?
  • Was the driver of the car uninsured or underinsured?
  • What other potential sources of compensation for the bicycle accident victim are there — such as auto insurance of a relative who lives with the victim?

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