Construction Site Accidents

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As a construction worker, you work hard, and you do it in an oft-dangerous environment. But the work you do is vital, as you construct the infrastructure of our lives.

A construction site can be a dangerous place, but you deserve a workplace that follows local, state and federal regulations and protects your health. Our Atlanta construction accident attorneys have helped clients whose employers violated this obligation.

We want to talk to you about your accident and how we can help.

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The Possibility of Compensation

Many construction accident victims are reluctant to speak with our lawyers because they believe that all of these cases are covered by workers' compensation. As such, they don't want to spend the time talking to an accident lawyer.

It is true that most construction site accidents are handled by Georgia's workers' compensation system. The workers' comp system is designed to handle employee injuries outside the context of a courtroom and personal injury case. As such, most of these accidents are not eligible for an outside legal action, and we do not generally handle workers' comp cases.

However, you should still arrange a consultation with our constructon accident attorneys. “Most” cases are not all cases, and quite a few construction site accidents include third parties. And when a third party is involved, a personal injury suit is a possibility.

Third parties can include:

  • Vehicle operators not employed by the work site supervisor
  • Sub-contractors
  • Manufacturers who have provided defective parts for construction vehicles

Of course, we understand that a construction site is a chaotic place, and heirarchies and chains of command can be convoluted and difficult to untangle. That's why you shouldn't try and untangle them yourself.

Don't try and figure out whether your case falls under workers' compensation or a third party liability standard. At Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance, PC, our construction accident attorneys have helped clients across the Atlanta area hurt by negligence or misconduct.

Your consultation with one of our experienced construction injury attorneys is completely free and carries with it no obligation. We will listen to your story and give you experienced advice as to your next course of action. We'll help you decide if a personal injury case is appropriate in your circumstances.

If you live anywhere in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area and you've been hurt, our construction accident attorneys want to hear your story. Please contact Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance, PC today for a free consultation.

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