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Businesses, customers and suppliers count on honest dealing with other parties in the conduct of mutually beneficial business transactions. Fulfillment of promises and contracts is a fundamental aspect of successful monetary dealings. When a party to a business transaction makes false statements, forges signatures, issues bad business or employer checks, or commits other types of fraud, trust is broken — and often, real losses occur. These cases relate to business fraud. We do not handle individual small claims cases.

Business law attorneys of Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance, PC, have abundant experience representing plaintiffs who have been injured or wronged through commercial fraud. We welcome inquiries from individuals or businesses in need of legal counsel and advocacy related to fraud of any variety. 

Elements of fraud include the following:

  • False representation of a material fact in connection with a contract or transaction
  • Confirmed knowledge by the person committing fraud of the falsehood — or reckless disregard
  • Commission of fraud in order to induce the other party to do something
  • Action by plaintiff in response to misrepresentation
  • Actual loss by the plaintiff as a result of the fraud

In a successful legal claim of fraud, the wronged party will recover compensation equal to the loss, and possible punitive damages also.

As in the case of any important legal question, if you believe you have been victimized by fraud in a business dealing, monetary transaction or contract, you should contact a lawyer licensed to practice in your jurisdiction. Our lawyers are licensed to practice in all Georgia state and federal courts, as well as in a number of neighboring states including Tennessee.