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Was Inadequate Security the Root Cause of Your Assault Injury in Atlanta?

An assault, rape or murder may incite even deeper emotions than other types of serious injuries such as burns or broken bones out of the sheer disbelief that violence inspires. Why would someone attack me? What did I do to deserve this? Many unanswered questions plague the victims of acts of violence.

Of course, the perpetrator of the violence is to blame. But might there be other parties who may have contributed? Property owners who did not provide adequate security may also bear fault in a premises liability case involving criminal violence.

What Is Adequate Security?

Adequate security may include features such as the following:

  • Security guards
  • Security cameras
  • Sufficient warnings to users of a property where violence has occurred in the past
  • Windows
  • Emergency alarms such as on elevators

Problems With Inadequate Security

Something as basic as insufficient lighting may be a significant factor in a sexual assault or mugging. Management or administrators may have failed to properly screen employees — missing the fact that a teacher was a known sex offender, for example.

Were you injured in a violent act in an apartment, in a commercial establishment, at an ATM, in a college dormitory or in a parking garage? Our premises liability attorneys are prepared to evaluate your case for potential inadequate security issues and determine who should have provided security that was not provided. In our investigation, we question our potential client to find out important information about his or her situation. We ask about:

  • The crime rate in the area he or she lives
  • Previous occurrences of rapes, assaults, muggings
  • Whether the landlord provided adequate security
  • Whether apartments were maintained securely

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