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Allergan Inc. will pay $600 million to settle a federal investigation into its marketing of Botox. They will pay $375 million in connection with the criminal plea. Additionally, the company will pay $225 million to settle the civil False Claims Act case. Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance, PC and our co-counsel at Bondurant, Mixson & Elmore, LLP represent the realtors in the False Claims Act case.

Fraud against the federal government by unscrupulous federal contractors has cost taxpayers untold billions of dollars. Worse, investigating and prosecuting these frauds only costs everyone more.

One of the most successful tools we have to combat fraud against the federal government is the False Claims Act. This law and similar state laws, such as the Georgia Whistleblower Act, give private citizens incentive to report government contractor fraud by rewarding them financially — by giving private citizens the right to sue dishonest federal contractors in a "qui tam" lawsuit.

In this age of corporatism, businesses of all sizes will do anything to compete. All too often, this involves violating contracts, rules, regulations and laws. At Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance, PC, we are interested in representing individuals who have knowledge of fraud on the government who are interested in making a whistleblower claim.

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Whistleblower Expose Corporate Wrongdoing

The federal and Georgia false claims acts allow whistleblowers who expose fraud to keep a portion of any damages they help the government recover through their lawsuits — usually about 15-25 percent.

Whistleblower cases can involve literal "false claims" — knowingly submitting false bills or claims for payment. Qui tam cases can also involve other fraud against the government, such as:

  • Nursing home abuse or fraudulent claims against Medicaid
  • Inaccurate or off-label pharmaceutical marketing
  • Violations of environmental laws by energy companies
  • Violations of law enforcement codes of ethics

If you have blown the whistle on a federal or Georgia contractor, you may be eligible to recover damages. Our lawyers will advise you on filing a qui tam complaint.

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