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Issues That Can Arise During a Birth Injury Case

Birth injury cases are exceptionally complex. Defendants hire legal teams that take full advantage of these complexities in an effort to avoid liability and, in the process, prevent families from getting fair compensation for their child’s injury. It is vitally important to the success of your case that you have a legal team on your side that knows not only how to counter these arguments, but can provide sufficient evidence to help your family secure the compensation needed for you and your child’s future.

Birth Injury Resources for Families

In the state of Georgia, families struggling with the consequences of birth injury may find help through Babies Can’t Wait, a program designed to provide resources for families dealing with developmental delays and similar issues surrounding birth injury. In addition to this option, Medicaid offers resources for families dealing with a birth injury, as do several local, statewide, and national nonprofits.

Midwives and Birth Injury

Midwives perform many useful and important functions. Particularly for families who are interested in more “natural” birthing options, a midwife can be an important addition to the labor and delivery team. But it is important to remember that, despite training in delivery and nursing, the majority of midwives are not physicians – and are neither qualified nor trained to deal with certain high-risk issues that can arise during labor and delivery.

This can make it dangerous to rely on a midwife alone, both for the mother and the baby.


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