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What Should I Look For in an Atlanta Malpractice Lawyer?

Medical malpractice litigation is among the most complicated and difficult fields of legal practice. As such, finding the right Atlanta malpractice lawyer is crucial if you are to have a legitimate chance of pursuing the justice and compensation to which you are entitled.

The crucial element to look for in a malpractice lawyer is experience. And not just generalized legal experience- you need an attorney with a proven track record of success in medical malpractice litigation.

Why Is It Important To Seek Medical Attention After An Accident?

You've just experienced an auto accident. You're a little shaken up, but you don't feel hurt. Everything seems to be in good working order. No need to worry about going to the hospital, right?


Wrong, sadly. You should always seek medical attention after any auto accident. That's the advice our accident injury lawyers provide to friends, colleagues and prospective clients alike.

Medical malpractice reform bill introduced in Georgia

In Georgia, reforms in the medical system are proposed all the time. One of the benefits of living in a country committed to representing its people is that a lot of ideas are passed around. With medical malpractice, it can be a very complicated issue involving many different parties. However, it is important that victims of medical negligence receive compensation for medical malpractice involving an injury or even a wrongful death.

New trial set for Georgia widow's medical malpractice suit

A medical malpractice case can take a long time to resolve. If a loved one is hurt or dies under the care of a hospital, the hospital may be responsible, if they were negligent. A hospital has a duty to keep by holding its staff to a high standard. Medical negligence can lead to decreased mobility, further rehabilitation and even death in Georgia.

Georgia hospitals look at $32 million malpractice case

Doctors, nurses and staff do a service to the community through their dedication, years of study and passion for excellence. Unfortunately, sometimes staff or hospitals commit errors that can have deadly repercussions. This is especially true in pediatric care where a poor decision can have a long-term effect on a baby. A simple surgical error can lead to significant brain damage. Medical malpractice is something hospitals take seriously.

Unnecessary procedure center of Medical malpractice suit

Doctors owe their patients a duty of care. This duty includes appropriately informing a patient, accurately and timely diagnosis of the patient, and treating the condition accordingly in a way that keeps the patient safe. A deviation from the standard of care can lead to serious, debilitating injuries and, in the worst instances, death. For these reasons, patients who are harmed by negligent medical professionals should seek to hold those individuals accountable to recover their damages and to protect future patients.

Verdict returned in medication error wrongful death case

When Georgia's residents go to the hospital they expect to be treated properly. This means they expect to be accurately diagnosed, given the proper medication, and, if necessary, operated on in a safe manner. Quite often, these patients are treated by doctors who hold years of experience and training and are well-educated. But sometimes even smart, experienced doctors make mistakes or become inattentive. If this happens, a patient can be seriously injured or killed.


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