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Valsartan Lawsuits


Valsartan is an ARB (angiotensin receptor blocker), a class of drugs designed to treat hypertension. Effective at relaxing blood vessels, Valsartan is intended to reduce risks for heart attack, stroke, and similar consequences of high blood pressure.

The Myth of the Frivolous Lawsuit

If you believe there are too many civil lawsuits in America, you are not alone. In fact. A recent poll found that 87% of Americans believe there are too many civil lawsuits, going so far as to call several of them “frivolous.” But here’s the problem: over the past 20 years, civil lawsuits have declined by 80%. And in this time, personal injury lawsuits have also helped save countless lives by holding negligent corporations accountable for their actions.

Infographic - Defective Products

There are multitudes of defective and dangerous products on the market these days. These can range from automotive parts to toys and prescription drugs to medical devices, but all of them can cause horrible harm and even death. In this infographic, we outline some of the common types of defective products:

Defective Product Attorneys of Atlanta

What is The Bair Hugger?

During surgery, it's quite common for a patient's core body temperature to drop dramatically and dangerously. Keeping patients warm while under anesthesia is thus a significant concern for hospitals and surgical teams.

3M's Bair Hugger product is supposed to do just that. It's a forced air, single-use warming blanket that is wrapped around a patient during surgery. It keeps the patient's body temperature at a safe level.


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