Truck Accidents

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The Myth of the Frivolous Lawsuit

If you believe there are too many civil lawsuits in America, you are not alone. In fact. A recent poll found that 87% of Americans believe there are too many civil lawsuits, going so far as to call several of them “frivolous.” But here’s the problem: over the past 20 years, civil lawsuits have declined by 80%. And in this time, personal injury lawsuits have also helped save countless lives by holding negligent corporations accountable for their actions.

Who Can I Sue for Truck Accident Injuries?

There are significant differences between filing a car accident claim and filing one for a truck accident, not the least of which is determining liability. In a car accident, it can typically be established that one or more drivers contributed to the accident, but when a commercial vehicle is involved, even accidents that seem to be driver-caused may be much more complex.

Quiz: How can I Avoid a Truck Accident?

Avoiding a truck accident is not always possible, but with the right skills, you can seriously reduce your risks of being injured or killed in a collision with a big rig. The short quiz below tests your knowledge of safe driving behaviors around trucks. Take it today to find out how much you do – and do not – know about protecting yourself and your passengers when driving around large trucks.Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney

FMCSA Declares GA Truck Driver “Imminent Hazard”

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has released a statement declaring a Georgia truck driver to be an “Imminent hazard to public safety.” In the statement, the FMCSA sites two infractions – operating a commercial vehicle while intoxicated and fatigued driving – one of which resulted in a multi-vehicle accident. The FMCSA has ordered the Georgia-licensed truck driver to stop operating commercial vehicles immediately.


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