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"Bonnie Rocheleau died of double pneumonia last March at Pulaski state prison." That's how The Atlanta Journal-Constitution begins its story on the tragic, eminently avoidable death of Ms. Rocheleau.

Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance, PC is representing the family of Ms. Rocheleau in legal action against the state of Georgia because we recognize that injustice is unacceptable, even if it occurs in a prison.

We have filed an ante litem notice with the state, which is required when pursuing legal action against government entities. In it, we provide a tragic but necessary chronicle of Ms. Rocheleau's final days, demonstrating how confusion and negligence within Pulaski directly contributed to her death.


The AJC is no stranger to these stories. Its work on the medical conditions at Pulaski is an invaluable example of public service journalism, and we urge you to read their stories here.

A state review of Dr. Yvon Nazaire, who served as medical director at Pulaski, found that Dr. Nazaire's care "fellow below an acceptable standard of care for parents who are incarcerated." 

The Rocheleau family still faces a long road before it can receive the justice it deserves for Bonnie's death. But our firm is and always has been committed to fighting for victims, even against the most powerful of foes.

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