Failure to Diagnose Brain Abscess

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Atlanta Brain Abscess Failure to Diagnose AttorneyFailure to diagnose a brain abscess in a timely manner is a serious medical emergency. A brain abscess is a special type of neurosurgical emergency that can cause brain injury leading to death if not diagnosed and treated promptly and properly. Fatalities are the norm when a brain abscess is left untreated.

With correct treatment and care, a brain abscess can be brought under control with no lasting harm done. Treatment will probably involve aspiration of the fluid in the abscess with a long needle, followed by antifungal or antibiotics or antifungal drugs, and perhaps steroids or diuretics.

Did your family member die after reporting symptoms of a brain abscess to a medical professional in Georgia who did not respond with appropriate diagnosis and treatment? You no doubt want questions answered — and your family no doubt needs financial help. You are strongly urged to talk to an experienced, courageous medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible.

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