Failure to Diagnose Post Operative Infection

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Have you suffered from a postoperative infection? Call 404-760-7400  for a free consultation with our Georgia medical malpractice lawyers to see how we can helpDID MEDICAL PERSONNEL FAIL TO DIAGNOSE A POST-OPERATIVE INFECTION?

After surgery, patients sometimes have a hard time getting doctors to pay attention to legitimate complaints warning of pending illness. Doctors may dismiss a patient's reports of pain as simply a normal part of an operation, and fail to investigate further into the nature of the complaints.

However routine it may seem, surgery is a major attack against the human body. A patient may be at an extraordinary risk of infection after an operation in instances such as the following:

  • Bowels were accidentally pierced during surgery, leaking body waste into otherwise clean body cavities.
  • A sponge or instrument was accidentally left in the body.
  • Stitches do not hold, allowing for pathogens to enter the body, which then becomes infected more easily.

A post-operative infection is not complicated to treat in most cases if it is caught in time. If you became ill after surgery and after your doctor ignored your symptoms of infection such as fever, redness and pain you may have a claim for medical malpractice.

Discuss your potential medical malpractice claim with a lawyer after failure to diagnose an infection after surgery has caused you further harm beyond the original surgery.


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