The Dangers of Intoxicated Truck Drivers

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Intoxicated driving is a serious issue in Atlanta and throughout the country. But the problem is more serious than drunk driving, which is what we normally think of when we think of driving under the influence.

Indeed, our Atlanta and Savannah area truck accident lawyers have seen a number of wrecks involving commercial trucks that were caused in whole or in part by the intoxicated state of the truck's driver. In these cases, the intoxicant is rarely alcohol. Instead, truck drivers are often found to be under the influence of stimulants.

It's easy to blame the driver in these situations, and there's never an excuse for driving while intoxicated. But much of the responsibility lies with the trucking companies, which set unrealistic schedules that demand fatigued driving.

In order to survive these epic treks, many truck drivers turn to stimulants. These drugs keep drivers awake and, theoretically, alert. But they also dull reaction times and impair judgment. This puts everyone on the road at risk.

Our truck accident lawyers know the signs of intoxicated driving and we know how to prove fault in a major truck accident case. And we won't hesitate to hold responsible those parties that are truly at-fault for your injuries.

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