Georgia's Relevant Motorcycle Laws

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At Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance, PC, we always urge those who take vehicles onto the road to follow all appropriate local, state and federal laws.

This is especially important for motorcycle operators. Those laws exist to keep you safe, and it's important you do everything you can to protect yourself. However, following the laws will also provide you with a firm foundation for legal action in the case of an accident.

Our Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers have seen how the drivers of other vehicles often attempt to use the violation of a statute by a motorcycle rider as a rationale for reducing the motorcyclist's compensation. Following the law ensures they can't make such an argument.

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Laws To Be Aware Of

Failing to follow every single statute does not eliminate your ability to pursue justice and compensation after an accident. You can still follow suit and you can still win.

However, violating a law might reduce the compensation you receive- not because of the law breaking itself, but because a court might find that your violation played a role in your injury. This is occasionally the case when motorcyclists aren't wearing a helmet and suffer a head injury in an accident.

Here are state laws that you should follow, though your community might have its own regulations:

  • All riders must wear a helmet at all times. There remains some controversy as to what, exactly, an acceptable helmet includes, and so-called "novelty" helmets which provide less protection than traditional helmets are legal. However, you should always wear a sound, sturdy helmet
  • You must wear eye protection unless your motorcycle has a wind screen
  • Lane splitting (driving between two lanes of vehicles) is prohibited
  • Two motorcycles can ride abreast in the same lane
  • Your headlight must be on at all times
  • One rear-view mirror is required

Of course, our Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers know that following all of these laws to the letter is no guarantee of safe travel. Other drivers can behave with negligence, leaving you with a catastrophic personal injury.

But following the law is the surest way of protecting yourself and your legal rights. And if you've been hurt in such an accident, our attorneys will be in the best possible position to fight for you.

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