How We Handle Payment

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Many accident victims are reluctant to speak to our Atlanta personal injury lawyers because they're worried about financial matters. Without experience in the legal system, they believe they can't afford an attorney.

This is unfortunate. The legal system does not exist just for the powerful and privileged. It's a place where every American can seek justice, regardless of economic status.

At Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance, PC, we are committed to this principle. This is why, like most personal injury lawyers, we handle cases on a contingency fee payment system. This means we only get paid if you win a verdict or settlement.

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What is a Contingency Fee Payment System?

Popular culture is filled with portrayals of litigious, ambulance-chasing attorneys. In these portrayals, a personal injury lawyer eagerly seeks and accepts any case, confident that they can parlay it into a big payday.

The reality, of course, is quite different.

A contingency fee payment system works like this: you will make no payment to us when we decide to accept your case. There is no upfront payment required to retain our personal injury lawyers.

We then pursue your claim with the passion and skill for which we are known. Again, you will not pay us anything while the case is still active.

Payment comes after the case is complete and once a verdict or settlement has been reached. Our lawyers are paid a percentage of the verdict or settlement you are awarded. This means that if we do not win a settlement or verdict for you, we don't get paid any fee.

The exact percentage of the verdict that goes to our lawyers will be determined before the case begins. We are always open and up-front about our payment system. We will ensure there are no surprises.

Again, it's important not to get too caught up in specific numbers. We'll discuss those in greater detail in person. You should, instead, take two things away from this discussion:

  • First, you don't have to worry about an inability to pay our personal injury lawyers
  • This system sets up an incentive for attorneys to only accept cases with a reasonable chance of success

We'll be happy to answer any questions about our practice at a free initial consultation.

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