Graham P.

Representing Clients In Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Savannah, Gainesville & Throughout Georgia

When engaging with someone for professional services, whether it is a doctor, attorney, financial advisor, etc., my wife and I research multiple options with a long term relationship being the goal.  From the first time we spoke with Stephen, I was most impressed with how he listened to us, made an immediate connection with us on a personal and professional level, and desired to pursue an outcome that was fair to all, not just plaintiff or defendant.  I am fortunate to consider Stephen as one of the core members of our long term professional team.  His pursuit of excellence from researching a case, taking plenty of time to communicate in layman’s terms as opposed to legal speak and present a very compelling position is truly the best I have come across.
I think everyone wants to have a trusted advisor in key areas of their life, and an attorney is one of those much like a doctor is.  Stephen is genuinely a caring professional, and my wife and I are happy to have him as our attorney.

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