Preparing For Your Consultation

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You have just been in an accident, one in which you have been injured. You know you need to get an attorney and get legal advice. But you are unsure of what the first steps are once you have found an attorney. You think, what do I need to do or ask at my first appointment with my attorney?

Watkins, Lourie, Roll and Chance P.C. are Atlanta, Georgia attorneys ready to meet with you and answer your questions for next steps in your case. We pride ourselves on handling a large variety of cases including personal injury and we have accumulated decades of experience litigating cases just like yours.

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What to Bring to Your First Appointment

Your first appointment with a Watkins, Lourie, Roll and Chance P.C. attorney is your opportunity to seek insight about the strength of your case. It is a chance for us to discuss the details of your case and we will provide you with honest feedback about the validity of your personal injury claim.

It is important to have all the details of your case and therefore, coming prepared to the meeting is helpful. Items to bring for your initial consultation include:

  • Police reports
  • Medical records
  • Insurance forms
  • Photos of the scene
  • Other documentation associated with the accident

While this documentation is helpful, not having it should not deter you from making an appointment with us. We can still discuss your case and what the next steps might be.

What You Can Expect At Your First Appointment

Prior to meeting with one of our attorneys, you should research our firm and come to the initial consultation with questions for us. While we will ask questions about your claim during the first appointment, this is also your time to question us and learn more about the firm.

The initial consultation with us is free with no obligations. Any information that you share with our attorneys is strictly confidential. We will discuss with you the specifics about your case, asking you questions to recall the incident in detail to get as concise and clear remembrance of that day as possible. Please remember that even if you do not have all of your documentation together, you should still meet with our attorneys to discuss your case.

If you are a resident of the Atlanta, Georgia area and have been injured in an accident, please call our firm today to schedule a free consultation at 404-760-7400. You can count on our experienced personal injury attorneys and their proven track record to provide you with the best quality litigation available. Give us a call today.