Settlement Negotiations

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One statistic surprises many of our clients: the vast majority of legal cases are settled out of court and never reach trial.

This can be surprising because television and movies tend to focus on the drama of a courtroom trial. A group of lawyers going back and forth in a conference room isn't terribly interesting or dramatic.

But those negotiations are absolutely crucial for our clients, and our Atlanta personal injury lawyers approach them with the seriousness they deserve. The settlement you receive can represent a crucial lifeline in a difficult moment in your life.

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Why Experience is So Important

When a lawyer accepts a case, he or she also accepts the responsibility to advocate tirelessly on their client's behalf. The attorney is obligated to work for their client's best interests, provided they do so within the ethical bounds of the legal profession.

In settlement negotiations, this means using a wide range of negotiation tactics to try and get the best deal possible for your client. Defense lawyers go into a settlement negotiation with the intent of keeping the financial damage to their client as small as possible.

To do so, they will try a number of different approaches. They will bluster. They will make lowball offers. They will cry poverty. They'll claim they're unable to budge so much as one cent from an offer. They'll say they are more than happy to go to court.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with these tactics, but that's just what they are- tactics. Our Atlanta personal injury lawyers have been on the other side of them more times than we care to count.

We have a sterling track record of winning verdicts and settlements for our clients. Our personal injury lawyers have been conducting settlement negotiations for decades, and we understand how to make sure our clients' interests are represented in these negotiations.

When an insurance company says they can't offer more than a certain number, we understand how to evaluate that offer. We know what a fair offer is, and we have the ability to make an educated analysis of the probability that there's more room to grow in that offer.

We won't be bullied, intimidated or fooled in settlement negotiations. While no personal injury lawyer can promise you a specific settlement amount, the importance of experience in these negotiations cannot be overstated.

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