Stryker Hip Replacements

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Medical technology has advanced to the point where patients who suffer from degenerative conditions or other hip problems can be implanted with a mechanical replacement that serves all the important functions of a natural hip.

Unfortunately, these hip replacements have often proven defective and dangerous, making them yet another example of defective drugs and medical devices. Replacements manufactured by the device maker Stryker have proven particularly dangerous in recent years, resulting in a 2012 recall.

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A Dangerous Situation

Typically, problems with hip replacements arise from so-called “metal-on-metal” replacements. A metal “ball,” placed in a metal “socket,” can see metal shavings and other detritus flake off and enter the blood stream.

Theoretically, Stryker's Rejuvenate, ABG II and Accolade TMZF models were less dangerous. They weren't metal-on-metal, and Stryker billed the replacements as made from materials that were more like bone than metal. And because of their unique design, these replacement options were supposedly better equipped to enable surgeons to meet a patient's unique needs.

However, the devices were manufactured using a proprietary titanium alloy. And extensive testing revealed that Stryker's devices could still chip and “fret,” releasing cobalt and chromium into a patient's blood stream.

Victims of Stryker's negligence have been known to suffer:

  • Metallosis (metal toxicity in the blood)

  • Significant pain in the hip area

  • Swelling

  • Tissue and bone deterioration

Stryker recalled the products in 2012 and recently agreed to a settlement. Those who suffered problems with Stryker hip replacements must register through the settlement administrator by March 16 2015. Information can be found here.

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