Testimonial for Atlanta Law Firm Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance

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Transcript: Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance law firm took my case. When I submitted my request for assistance to the law firm, I was contacted by Susan. And she in then turned the case over to Mr. Lourie. And from there, at that point on they just took it and they took charge and they made sure all the needs of mine were met. And they represented me and my father properly. I like honesty. Integrity is big in my book. And Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance law firm demonstrates that integrity that I seek. And anybody that's got any type of need for legal representation should want integrity from a law firm. And they’re honest and they're by the book, straight forward. And those are qualities that you would look for if you're looking to hire a law firm. That's what you want.