Birth Injury Resources for Families

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Transcript: When a child suffers a brain injury as a result of some issues or negligence with respect to their birth, more often than not, the family does not know where to turn. Fortunately, however, there are resources that are available for families.

The state of Georgia has a program called Babies Can't Wait that is specifically designed to help parents identify the developmental challenges that the baby is likely to face and try to address them as best as possible in those first critical early years of life. Medicaid also has programs and services that are available for children who suffer birth injuries.

But often what the family needs are experienced counsel and experienced attorneys who can help them obtain the resources that they will inevitably need to deal with these critical care issues for the child. At Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance, we are able to have significant experience with hiring case managers, Life Care planners, and other experienced professionals that deal with these types of things, but also we are able to go out and obtain the resources that those children and that family will need, both in the in the short term, and sometimes, over the course of the child's life.