Nursing Home Abuse Client Testimonial

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Transcript: My mother was in a nursing home and she ended up with severe bed sores. And when I say severe, I mean a big basketball hole in her back. I was looking for an attorney to handle my case. And I spoke with one attorney that referred me to Watkins, Lourie, Roll and Chance. And my first experience was with Mr. Lourie. And he came to the house which was a big help. And he was very personable, he was fantastic. I mean, we fell in love with him from the beginning. He was like family, you know. He made you feel comfortable and I mean it was just a pleasure to meet him and I felt like he was someone that would really bring me justice. Mr. Lourie and his assistant kept me more than, you know, up to date on where the case was and what was happening. And I really appreciate it because I have known some attorneys I mean, they just take you and you wonder, where are they? But he kept us informed on a monthly basis, every two weeks he would tell us where the case was headed and where it was going and how things were. He would not settle for the mediation that he nursing home tried to offer him. He was determined, you know, to make sure that we were compensated for what had happened to my mother and I really appreciate it. He did a fantastic job. We were very satisfied with the outcome, the monetary outcome of the case. I would definitely call Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance. I would definitely, I wouldnÂ’t even think about it. I would, I know the number by heart. You were the best thing that could of happened to us.