What is the Difference Between Truck and Car Accidents?

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Transcript: The biggest difference between a trucking accident and car accident is mass. That difference in mass brings a lot of other complicated factors into play. That’s because almost any trucking case is going to result in horrible damages and severe injuries, and so, there's a lot at stake.

Because of that, we have to act promptly. Our clients have to act promptly. They have to get to us right away so that we can begin the process of hiring experts to get to the scene right away to preserve evidence - skid marks, glass, that sort of thing - so that we can reconstruct what actually happened.

So, it's a complex area of law. It involves engineering, traffic reconstruction, severe damages. It’s a highly regulatory environment. Unlike a typical stop sign case, trucking cases could involve sleep deprivation, they could involve failure to maintain the tractor or the trailer - and so there’s a deeper investigation and a more urgent investigation necessary in trucking cases.