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Transcript: We founded our firm in 1997. However, we've been together a lot longer than that. For the first twenty years of my career, I was a defense lawyer. I defended personal injury and medical malpractice cases and products liability cases in a law firm that was soon joined by my current partners Lance Lourie, Rob Roll and Stephen Chance. We worked together on the defense side for years. And then we decided that we wanted to change and represent people who were injured. And that's when we formed our firm. Since then, we have handled a wide variety of personal injury cases from car accident cases to truck accident cases to products liability actions to medical malpractice cases and nursing home cases. Our experience on the defense side and our experience on the plaintiff side gives our clients a particular advantage in pursuing difficult cases. If you believe that you have been injured in any kind of personal injury case, please call us at Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance at 404-760-7400 in Atlanta, Georgia for a free consultation.