What To Know About Wrongful Death Cases

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The tragic loss of a loved one puts you and your family in a difficult, delicate situation. It can be difficult to navigate Georgia's wrongful death statute, and choosing among Atlanta's wrongful death attorneys is no easier.

At Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance, PC, we strive to provide clear, consistent and accurate information to those dealing with traumatizing situations. This page provides you with important information about wrongful death cases.

It's not an exhaustive chronicle of wrongful death law, nor is it everything you need to know about your case. You still need to arrange a free consultation with our wrongful death attorneys. But this page will make it easier for you to understand the legal system before you enter it.

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Important Information

Our wrongful death lawyers will, of course, answer all of your questions at your free initial consultation. However, it's always a good idea to come to your meeting with a clear sense of the law and its implications for your tragic situation.

Here are some important things to understand about wrongful death law:

  • All lives have value: This isn't a feel-good sentiment- it's state law. Under Georgia's wrongful death statute, you have a right to pursue non-economic damages after the loss of your loved one. This means that poorer families are not disadvantaged by their loved one's economic situation.
  • Compensation issues are complicated: Determining the "full value of the life of the deceased," in the words of Georgia's wrongful death statute, is a complicated endeavor. You need a wrongful death lawyer who understands how to prove that value and tell the rich story of your loved one's life.
  • Moving quickly is vital: Whatever the specific cause of your loved one's untimely death, it's crucial that you speak to our wrongful death attorneys as soon as possible. After an accident, evidence has a tendency to disappear, and memories will fade if left untapped for long. Don't hesitate in arranging a consultation.
  • Who can file a suit: Under Georgia law, a surviving spouse can file a wrongful death suit. If there is no surviving spouse, the surviving children file the claim. If there are no children or spouses, the executor of the deceased's estate can file a claim on behalf of the next of kin.

We understand the details of the law are often the furthest thing from your mind after your tragedy. That's why we make this conversation as easy and comfortable as possible.

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