Zip Line Accidents

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Many Atlanta-area residents enjoy finding their pleasure in outdoor recreation activities. It's a great way to stay healthy and have a good time with the whole family.

One of the more common outdoor adventure activities is zip lining. A strong cable will be strung over a river, canyon, gulch or just a long stretch of forest. An individual will then hold on to a device at one end of the cable, then travel down the cable at a high rate speed toward the other end.

Fun and popular. But if not maintained properly, these zip lines can pose a serious danger to participants. Victims can suffer catastrophic personal injuries and find themselves facing outrageous medical expenses.

Our premises liability lawyers handle these types of cases and can help you pursue the justice and compensation you deserve.

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The Liability Issues

Many zip lining companies, like many entities that run outdoor adventure activities, will have participants sign release waivers. These waivers try to immunize the company from liability- if you get hurt, you can't sue us, basically.

Is this waiver valid? That depends. Georgia courts are historically reluctant to interfere with freedom of contract, and generally speaking a court will honor such a waiver.

However, the waiver must be clear and unambiguous- zip lining companies can't sneak it into the fine print and expect the waiver to stand. Furthermore, there are some cases in which a waiver might be disregarded by a court:

  • The waiver violates established public policy
  • The waiver is contrary to good morals or the law
  • The waiver exists for the purpose of furthering an illegal or immoral agreement

This is still a relatively unsettled field of law, and exactly when and how a liability waiver can be disregarded is still a debated question. The takeaway for you is that you should still speak to our attorneys even if you signed such a waiver before going zip lining.

Who Can Be Held Accountable?

A zip lining company can be a relatively small, informal outfit without much in the way of resources. They can still be held responsible if they were grossly negligent in their operation of the zip line, but it's important that your premises liability lawyers take a larger view of the situation.

There could be multiple parties who are liable for your injury, including:

  • The zip lining company
  • The manufacturers of the equipment used in the zip lining activity
  • An outside company responsible for maintenance

Zip line regulations are relatively rare at both the state and federal levels. But you can still pursue a personal injury claim if you suffered an injury as a result of someone else's negligence.

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