Psychiatric Malpractice

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When we think of medical malpractice, we tend to think of devastating surgical errors or a missed diagnosis. And these are surely serious problems in the American medical system.


However, our lawyers recognize that the mental health field is both incredibly important and vulnerable to neglect and misconduct. Because the victims of psychiatric malpractice are often struggling with mental illness, their allegations are frequently discredited or outright ignored.

We know how wrong this is, and we know how serious medical malpractice in a mental health context really is. We will treat your accusations with the appropriate level of sensitivity and trust.

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Negligence and Misconduct in The Mental Health Field

Most mental health professionals are caring, compassionate and ethical- they work hard, they do a dangerous job and they deserve our praise for it. The country needs more like them.


However, the simple reality is that an unethical or neglectful mental health professional, especially a psychiatrist or psychologist, can possess a unique measure of influence over a patient. Physical damage is more easily noticeable, but psychological trauma can be just as harmful in the long-term.

Psychiatric malpractice can take several forms, including:

  • Errors in prescribing medication
  • Violations of patient-doctor confidentiality

  • The use of the position to financially exploit a patient

  • Sexual abuse

  • Failure to diagnose a potentially dangerous mental illness


As we always note when discussing medical malpractice claims, these cases turn on the concept of a “standard of care.” A case qualifies as medical malpractice when it can be proven that a medical professional violated an accepted standard of care in a way that resulted in meaningful injury to a patient.

At Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance, our Atlanta medical malpractice lawyers will discuss your case in a confidential, sensitive environment. We will carefully listen to your story and help you decide if a medical malpractice claim against the mental health professional in question is a legitimate option.

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